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The cure time for top coats and wax differ slightly. However, as a general rule, it takes top coats and wax 30 days to cure; which is the point at which the protective sealant is it’s hardest. Please treat your piece with care and avoid excess handling during the cure time. To remove finger prints from waxed pieces, lightly buff using a lint free cloth. Using a slightly damp or microfiber cloth is the recommended way to clean your piece; using a mild soap and water when necessary. Never use soap that contains a degreaser; i.e. dish soap. Avoid all contact with furniture polish and sprays, excessive water, alcohol, and anything acidic; i.e. perfumes and hairspray. Remember to always use a blotter pad when using your finished piece as a writing surface. Finally, always use place mats and coasters, especially with hot food and beverages.

Pieces with mirrors: Never clean your mirrors with ammonia based products. Only use ammonia free glass cleaners. I suggest Sprayway glass cleaner. (Afflitate link)
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