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Do you have an out dated piece of furniture with sentimental value or possibly a piece that is high quality and the perfect size for your space but just doesn't match your homes aesthetic? We offer custom refinishing services to update client owned pieces. Whether it’s bringing your vision to life, or helping you clarify the vision itself, I work closely with each client to make sure you absolutely love their refinished piece. Simply click here to request a quote!


Are you looking for a specific piece of furniture? Did you fall in love with a piece for sale but it's out of stock? We keep an inventory of antique pieces available for our clients to customize. You can select your piece and choose the finish that fits your homes design and space best. Contact us for available pieces. Please specify what type of piece you are looking for and if you have an inspiration piece you love.

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When we do not have the perfect piece in our inventory, we work with clients to source the perfect piece for their home. We provide options of pieces available for us to purchase on their behalf, then we refinish them to your specifications, and ship or deliver the finished product to your door. Contact us with your request.

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