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Top 5 Decorating and Furniture Design Trend Predictions for 2018

2018 Furniture Design Trend Graphic

Happy New Year!

Something about a new year is universally inspiring. We make resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives (no matter how many times we’ve failed them in the past), and we seem somehow energized to ask, “What’s next?!”

One of my favorite aspects of the new year is all the planning and predicting about what trends are coming and going in the various design worlds - from furniture to interior design to fashion. 

Of course, if you read enough predictions, they start to contradict one another and/or include just about everything under the sun. One designer says beiges are on their way out as another welcomes them back, and I read one article that cited both the decline and return of bright, bold colors!

So I filtered them for you. Here are my top 5 predictions for interior design—and especially furniture—for 2018, and some simple ways you can incorporate them without redesigning your entire house. 

And if you want even more visuals, check out my new Pinterest board, 2018 Design Trend Inspiration.

1. Bold Statement Colors

No one can really agree one which color. Alex Papachristidis thinks green. Peter Dunham favors an, “earthy, ochre-y yellow.” But most agree that it’s time to bring back at least a few dramatic shades. 

“We are seeing a big return to bright and clear colors . . . people are so over gray, beige, and greige!”—Timothy Corrigan, via Vogue Magazine

When designers can’t agree, I default to Pantone’s color of the year. Designers in every industry and genre refer to Pantone for their insight at the beginning of each new year, so you really can’t go wrong.

And Pantone’s pick for 2018? Ultra Violet 18-3838.

Pantone Color of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet Image

It’s a rich, deep color and I am all for it. Add it to a room with some amethyst (like this gorgeous air plant terrarium on Etsy), a simple pillow, or a unique vase.

Check out my new Ultra Violet Interior Inspiration board on Pinterest for more ideas!

2. Chinz Made Modern by Moderation

People seem to either love chintz or hate it, but either way it’s a favorite accent for 2018.

“I think old-fashioned chintzes are looking modern again, especially if used sparingly.” - Miles Redd

“Chintz is making a big comeback.” - Kathryn M. Ireland

“Get ready for antiques, traditional brown furniture, and printed fabrics such as floral chintzes to make their mark in the new year.” - Paloma Contreras

On the one hand, it kind of makes me think I can smell my great-grandmother’s house again, but there’s also something timeless and classic about it. And I’m always in favor of that.

I wouldn’t go wallpapering your living room, but it might make some classy drawer lining in your next furniture redesign project. Or, similar to the above, you could repurpose a classic pitcher as a vase (would look great on any farmhouse finish) or swap out a throw pillow.

Ready for some more inspiration? I’m collecting ideas for Adding Chintz in 2018 on Pinterest.

3. Natural Elements for Warm, Cozy Spaces

Whether it’s natural fabrics, bamboo, cork, or (sustainably forested or reclaimed) wood, designers are swinging toward natural elements to help create warm, cozy living spaces. You know I’m on board for this trend, ‘cause restoring and maintaining beautiful, upcycled wood is what I do. 

If you need something smaller, for now, consider an upcycled wooden tray (on a dining table, coffee table, etc.), a piece of reclaimed wood wall art, or simple, pure cotton throw blanket.

4. Ceiling Treatments

Not sure how I feel about this one, personally, but there’s no denying it’s a trend. Whether it’s accent color paint or patterned wallpapers, 2018 may prove to be the Year of the Ceilling. Pinterest’s year end report recorded a 310% increase in the number of pins saved for searches like, “statement ceilings.”

5. MCM Giving Way to Curves

Designers and architects are heralding the return of curves, namely in couches, but why stop there? 

I like a nice MCM aesthetic, but a lot of designers agree it’s had its (second) day in the sun and it’s hard to disagree. With so many 2018 trends moving toward “warm and cozy”—from deep colors, to traditional patterns, to natural elements—it’s hard to imagine straight, clean lines as part of that setting.

Introduce some curves with a round tray, a round tufted ottoman, or swap out a tired chair for something more circular.

What Are Your Planning for 2018?

Ultimately, what’s in for 2018 is whatever you like in your home, so … what’s trending for 2018 at your place? Which of these five are you excited about? What would you most like to incorporate?

As for me, I’m looking forward to holding down my corner of comfortable elegance. If 2018 is the year you treat yourself to a custom furniture redesign, you know where I’ll be!

Happy New Year!


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