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Vintage Decor: 2 Classy DIY Projects for Fall

50 Classy Vintage Fall Decor Ideas Graphic

It’s fall! I love apple picking, donuts from Tom's Farm Market (if you are local and haven't had their apple and pumpkin donuts you are so missing out!!!), and plaid (I really love plaid). And of course the best part … fall decorating.

I am always looking for fun, creative ways to decorate and I love to DIY. But some DIY projects can get a little … too DIY.

2 Classy, DIY Vintage Decor Ideas

Now where to begin? You guessed it, Pinterest! Talk about a place to get endless ideas. And for Fall decor, Pinterest does not disappoint. There are countless “Fall Decor” Pinterest boards, but we’re are looking for two important components, because we are keeping it:

  • Classy — There are some fun DIYs out there that are more like craft projects, and not necessarily something I’d want in my living or dining room for the season.

  • Actually DIY-able — On the other hand, sometimes the really good stuff seems to require a skilled craftsman to accomplish.

These two farmhouse decor projects are two you can absolutely do yourself, and you will have your friends wondering where you bought your new trendy fall decor!

1. Farmhouse Fabric Pumpkins

There are adorable, very easy, and - bonus - nearly indestructible if you have little ones running around.

You’ll need:

  • Inexpensive styrofoam craft pumpkins — I found these at the dollar store. Perfect price plus my kids LOVE the dollar store.

  • Fabric — I chose two coordinating prints I found in the clearance section. Cute and on sale!

  • Paint — White, brown

  • Mod podge

  • An old paintbrush

  • Optional: Copper gilding wax

How to put it together:

  1. Paint the pumpkins white. You don’t want the orange showing through.

  2. Cut fabric into strips. Something like 9 x 1.5 inches. I actually tore mine to get a little frayed edge.

  3. Cover the pumpkins in mod podge.

  4. Layer the fabric strips.

  5. Finish with coordinating fabric leaf and stem. I just glued these leaves on. I painted my stem brown, but it seemed too dark so some copper gilding wax gave it a brighter look.

Farmhouse DIY Fabric Pumpkins
Farmhouse DIY Fabric Pumpkins

2. Modern Farmhouse Wreath

Who doesn’t love a stylish wreath on the door? But it’s also a first impression, so you want to get it right!

You’ll need:

  • Embroidery ring(s) in any size

  • Fall flowers — This is the best part have fun with it. I never can decide standing in the store, so I bought a bunch and then paired down at home. But I did know I wanted to do a reddish purple color scheme.

  • Jewelry wire or twine

  • Optional: Stain

How to put them together:

  1. Stain the ring, if you want a darker finish. My original plan was to stain them, but I like the original color with the flowers I picked.

  2. Cut flowers and position flowers.

  3. Attach flowers with jewelry wire or twine.

  4. Hang and enjoy!

Modern DIY Farmhouse Fall Wreaths

Modern DIY Farmhouse Fall Wreaths

Enjoy Your Vintage Fall Decor!

There’s so much vintage, fall decor on the market, but a DIY project can be a much better alternative! The right project will save you money, let you inject your own unique style, and could even be a fun afternoon with the kids.

Check out my Fall Decorating Ideas board for some autumn inspiration!


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