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"Timeless Elegance: Creating Perfectly Matching Buffets for a Historic Church's 200-Year Anniversary"

In a recent project for the 200th Anniversary celebration of the First Presbyterian Church of Tuscumbia, Alabama, we were tasked with finding two matching buffets to refresh and update the church's furniture to a more period-style look. Lisa had been searching tirelessly for the perfect pieces, and when she reached out to us for help, we were more than happy to assist.

With a stroke of luck, we had two buffets in stock that met the size requirements for the project. After proposing the options to Lisa, it was clear that these buffets were exactly what she had been looking for. We quickly got to work, refinishing the buffets with a medium brown dye stain and matte lacquer to achieve the desired look.

The end result was stunning - two beautifully refinished buffets that perfectly complemented the church's historic setting. It was truly a testament to God's perfect plan and timing in bringing everything together for this special project.

At ReFind Design By Coco Clare, we take pride in our ability to help clients bring their vision to life, whether it's for a church anniversary celebration or any other special occasion. Contact us today to see how we can transform your space with custom furniture solutions.


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